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Why Autumn in the Burg Doesn’t Fall Short of Great
Witness Colorful Fall Foliage With trees transforming into a beautiful array of colors and crisp autumn air filling the streets, fall is one of the most spectacular seasons in Williamsburg. Without even considering the countless events going on this season, people fall in love with Colonial Williamsburg over the foliage alone. Take daytime strolls through the town with your family and capture beautiful pictures of the burnt orange, crimson, and golden leaves that surround you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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How to Make This Halloween SCARY Fun in the 'Burg
If you’re looking for ways to make your stay at King’s Creek Plantation terror-ific, we have some great ideas we want to share. Bring your ghouls and goblins out to Williamsburg for some Halloween fun! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Five Genius Tips for Your Family’s Fall Getaway
There are plenty of reasons to travel in the fall. The transition from summer to autumn is a particularly lovely one, the crowds ease up, and you can still take advantage of all kinds of fun outdoor activities (in more forgiving weather, we might add!). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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It’s Not Fall Without: Historic Jamestown
A Weekend in Historic Jamestown One of the reasons Williamsburg is such an amazing vacation destination is that it shares an incredible history with two other nearby cities. Williamsburg, Virginia, is part of an inimitable historic triangle with Yorktown and Jamestown. (Fun fact: This weekend marks 237 years since George Washington began the siege known as the Battle of Yorktown, the most important battle in the Revolutionary War.) Here’s a quick sampling of activities happening this weekend in beautiful Historic Jamestown, ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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It’s Not Fall Without: Pumpkins
Slowly but surely, warm days are being replaced by warm sweaters! What is it about fall that makes us feel so giddy? Maybe it’s the cozy traditions that center around making memories with the ones we love. And, of course, because of pumpkins. This fall, we’ll be sharing all the great seasonal traditions and where you can go to experience them. When it comes to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, Williamsburg has some great choices! Here is an updated list of our favorite spots to collect this sta ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Why This Halloween Will Be One to Remember
At King’s Creek Plantation, we’ve put a lot of thought into the reasons why Halloween is the best holiday, but we think it can be summed up in three simple explanations. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Ever Hear of Yorktown?
You’ve probably heard of Williamsburg. But take a brief, scenic drive along the Colonial Parkway, and you’ll discover another branch of the Historic Triangle. Welcome to Yorktown! Yorktown is most remembered as the site of the pivotal victory in the Revolutionary War. The triumph is commemorated in Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down), a song in the musical Hamilton. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Pocahontas didn’t marry John Smith...
...(and other facts about Jamestown). When you stay at King’s Creek Plantation, you’re actually smack in the middle of history! Jamestown Settlement is close enough to discover and explore during your stay, and we highly recommend that you do! In the spirit of returning to the classroom this month, we present to you five things you may not have known about life in our nation’s first permanent English colony. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Celebrate Labor Day in the ‘Burg!
Labor Day is, indisputably, an American holiday. This commemoration of hard work, ingenuity and cooperation is quickly approaching, and you are invited to celebrate in the very place where these American ideals were formed. Whether you’re a foodie or a history buff, grandmother or college student (or a little bit of everything!), King’s Creek Plantation is the place to be for this all-American holiday! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Fall in Love: Top Reasons to Visit Williamsburg
Though the days still scorch, school bells have already rung to signal the official end of vacation season. But wait! Must we suspend family vacations until next summer? Of course not. We know it’s still technically summer, but the best trips are planned well in advance. So we thought we’d highlight some of the best reasons to vacation in the fall, along with Williamsburg’s events and places you won’t want to miss. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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